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SKF import bearings are installed to measure the radial clearance


SKF import bearing installation is correct, affecting the accuracy, life, performance. Therefore, the design and assembly of the installation of the bearing to be fully studied. Want to be installed in accordance with the work standards. Operating standards are usually as follows:
(1) cleaning bearings and bearing related parts
(2) check the dimensions of the related parts and finish machining
(3) installation
(4) after the installation of a good bearing check
(5) supply of lubricant
Hope that before the upcoming installation, just open the bearing packaging. General grease lubrication, non cleaning, direct filling grease. Lubricating oil lubrication, the general does not have to clean, but the instrument or high-speed use SKF imported bearings, etc., to clean the oil, remove the rust coating on the bearing. Remove rust agent bearing, easy to rust, so you can not put aside. Furthermore, have grease sealed bearings, not directly use cleaning.

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