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SKF signed a long-term cooperation agreement with Valmet


Recently, SKF (SKF) has signed an agreement with Valmet, the continuation of a long-term cooperation between the two sides. SKF will supply the Valmet bearing, bearing units and lubrication systems, Valmet is a global technology, automation and service provider for the pulp, paper and energy industry.
SKF in Europe and the Middle East president of industrial sales nelander (Erik Nelander) said: "SKF and Valmet cooperation has been more than 60 years. We in product development by the method of cost design, help to maximize the efficiency of Valmet technology R & D investment. In addition to us in Finland, Sweden and China are equipped with R & D and production base, on the one hand to provide the required local knowledge of Valmet, on the other hand also reduces the delivery cycle. Thanks to Skye Fu in the rotation axis of the professional knowledge and experience, the end user can maximize the use of equipment rate. "
SKF solutions to customer demand for customized the bearing and bearing unit to reduce the cost of design and manufacturing Valmet, and reduce the operation cost of equipment owners and operators.
The patented Flowline circulating oil systems SKF can provide precise lubrication, while reducing the circulating oil required amount, reduce the cost and environmental impact.

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