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The next five years, the United States is expected to become a global manufacturing power


By 2020, China can continue to wear the world's most competitive manufacturing country "crown"? For this problem, especially the industry is "more than 500 of global manufacturing industry CEO and executives" is doubtful. But I think that China is not waiting to be beyond, is gradually landing "China manufacturing 2025" will become the powerful weapon to defend China global manufacturing "overlord".
Recently, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited (DTT) global consumer and industrial products industry to join the Council on competitiveness issued jointly by the 2016 global manufacturing industry competitiveness index, "the report said is expected within the next five years, the United States is expected to overtake China to become the world's most competitive manufacturing big country, then China will be relegated to second place.
This study is in-depth analysis and forecast based on research access to more than 500 of global manufacturing industry CEO and executive.
In 2013, the competitiveness of the manufacturing industry ranked first Chinese, second German, third u.s..
The forecast for the next five years the United States beyond a China reason is that the manufacturing industry is currently in a sustainable, intelligent, safe and rapid rise of the stage, while the United States will be the transformation of the industry leader.
For the factors affect the future competitiveness of the manufacturing industry, Chinese has been aware of the seriousness of the problem and has been or is reform.
"We want to play a game of manufacturing" battle ", with advanced standards forced" China manufacturing upgrade "." Premier Li Keqiang in April 6th the State Council executive meeting said.
This standard is advanced the meeting decided to implement the "equipment manufacturing industry standardization and quality improvement plan". The original intention of the standard is to promote the product industry towards the end.
In addition, China has launched to encourage the support of technological innovation policy in many aspects of financial and taxation. "The combination of 2025 China manufacturing" and "Internet plus", also will enhance the China manufacturing up the value chain, to provide support for the development of enterprises China its competitiveness.
Prediction within the next five years, the United States beyond China's another reason is, China remains the world's manufacturing industry competitive power for the first time, but it also faces some severe challenges in the process of the development of the industry, such as the aging of the population, the slowdown in the local economy and rising labor costs and other.
For this factor, China has also taken measures to deal with. For example, the adjustment of family planning policy, the adjustment of economic structure and the transformation of the robot industry, the vigorous development of these adjustments in the current and the future will profoundly affect the development of China's manufacturing industry.
The author believes that although China in the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry has begun to force and achieved initial results, but we also want to notice, in some areas of manufacturing technology in the United States is still in the leading position, China's manufacturing enterprises should be "barbarians technology, learn from each other to enhance their competitiveness. In fact, do their own thing to do, far more than what the world's first important.

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